Burcombe Haulage through its pallet network (TPN) is providing a delivery service of essential goods and supplies to those hit by the severe weather and floods in Cumbria.

Items such as bedding, towels, clothes, food & water, first aid kits and much more are being transported to the affected area through the network.

Below is a list of the goods that can be transported to Cumbria – if you would like to help please bring the items already boxed to our depot here at St Dominick between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

• Bedding
• Sleeping Bags
• Towels
• Pillows
• Blankets
• Clothing
• Children’s clothing and shoes
• New pants and socks
• Gloves
• Water proof clothing
• Protective clothing/Work gloves
• Pet foods
• Pet bedding
• Bottled water
• Tinned foods
• Tinned soups
• Packaged foods
• Male and Female toiletries
• Sanitary products
• Waders/Wellington boots
• Torches
• Batteries
• Miniature hand sanitisers
• Formula baby milk/baby food jars
• First aid kits
• Candles
• Tin openers

We are pleased that we are able to help some of those people who have been hit so hard over the past couple of weeks.

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