Business as usual at Burcombe Haulage

Most of us will be aware that the weather is currently doing its best to disrupt travel and transport in the south west with both prolonged rain and strong winds causing serious problems in many areas.

Here at Burcombe Haulage we are working even harder to meet our customers’ expectations and to do our bit to keep Cornwall open for business.

We were recently faced with a problem when strong winds, fallen tress and closed roads could have prevented our overnight trunker leaving Cornwall.

This was solved by the use of an “outrider” driving ahead to check that the one remaining route out of the county was clear with the trunker following a safe distance behind.

We have also received a number of e-mails thanking us for the efforts made by our drivers to deliver pallets in very difficult conditions.

Our thoughts go out to all affected by the bad weather and we are doing our very best to continue to provide the service that our customers expect.

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